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Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq’s statement on fourth commemoration of President Jalal Talabani’s passing

Today we commemorate the passing four years ago of President Mam Jalal Talabani, the last great leader of our nation, the leader and irreplaceable politician, the symbol of brotherhood and unity of all the different religions and nations of Iraq and Kurdistan, a man of co-existence, discussion and negotiation, of great character and charisma, who brought together all the different perspectives.

In the current era in Iraq and Kurdistan, and as we approach the Iraqi general election, Mam Jalal’s peace-loving and powerful personality is sorely missed. All acknowledge that after his passing, peace and most of the principles of coexistence, safety and stability have gone. After his passing, crises deepened, the politics of fairness and wisdom and diplomatic language disappeared, which has made the current era critical and difficult. The ferocious relationship between the Iraqi political parties calls for the philosophy and wise ways of Mam Jalal. I hope that once again his memory will inspire us all to protect the great achievements that we have made.

On this day of remembrance, I hope that we will all look to the spirit and soul of President Mam Jalal  to value our national achievements and greatness, and that we will all work together with patience and fortitude to achieve our outstanding constitutional rights.

Dr. Rewaz Faiq

Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament

3 October 2021