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Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami congratulates journalists on Kurdish Journalism Day

On Kurdish Journalism Day and the 24th anniversary of the founding of the Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate, I warmly congratulate all Kurdistan’s journalists.

The first Kurdish newspaper in exile was published by Miqdad Madhat Badr Khan with great responsibility, in defense of his people's rights and demands. All of Kurdistan’s journalists should value the importance of responsible journalism, of presenting the truth, adhering to the ethics of journalism, and checking facts.

Journalists should avoid being involved in political dissent, destruction of stability and social peace, and should avoid falling under the control of any person or side who wants to use the media in all its forms to disrupt society, foment political or sectarian violence, or target the cultural foundations of peaceful coexistence.

I congratulate journalists in Kurdistan and I hope they will not give up their efforts to convey facts, so that public opinion knows the truth.

My best wishes on the anniversary of the first Kurdish newspaper and Kurdish Journalism Day.

Dr. Hemin Hawrami

Deputy Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament

22 April 2022