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Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami meets with National Task Force on Education

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami on 24 April 2022 welcomed members of the National Task Force on Education, led by Dr. Randall Rhodes, President of the American University of Kurdistan-Duhok (AUK).

The Task Force members were in Parliament to discuss the Education Bill with the Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee. The bill, sent to Parliament by the KRG Council of Ministers, comprises 200 articles and is an effort to carry out major reform of the education and higher education sectors, so that students are better prepared for employment.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami briefed the guests about Parliament’s current work and priorities, and explained the process and stages of the passage of legislation.

Dr. Hawrami asked the Task Force to support Parliament’s work on the bill and to help strengthen and refine it.

For several months Parliament’s Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee has been working on the bill and holding meetings with many stakeholders. The committee also visited the UK to benefit from the UK’s expertise and exchange ideas on education and higher education.  

The National Task Force, initiated by AUK-Duhok, comprises policymakers, administrators and other stakeholders who are developing recommendations on how to reform education and higher education in Kurdistan Region.