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Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on International Mother Language Day 2022: Many around the world are using technology to keep their language alive

On International Mother Language Day, I convey my best wishes to all Kurdish speakers wherever they are in the world. Language, as one of the easiest ways to recognize a nation, as the culture and identity of every nation, is one of the main means of showing the authentic history and civilization of a people.

In this era of globalization, there are some people with great awareness whose language has been mixed with the culture and civilization of their neighbours. As a result, today many around the world are using the tools of technology with great determination and effect to keep their language alive. The living nations of the world always try to put their language into the latest technology in every field.

On this international day, I ask all linguists, experts, and academics of our beloved and beautiful Kurdish language, to keep our language alive always and never let it disappear.

My best wishes to all the people and nations who live in Kurdistan and have their own language and culture. I hope that our peaceful coexistence, harmony and cultural exchange will progress, and that under the umbrella of peaceful coexistence we all protect our mother tongues and native culture.

Dr. Rewaz Faiq

Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament

21 February 2022