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Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami welcomes Khanaqin city’s committee for peaceful coexistence

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami on 27 July 2022 met with Khanaqin city’s committee for peaceful coexistence. He was joined at the meeting by Ms. Jiwan Rojbayani, Chair of Parliament’s Committee on the Kurdistani Areas outside the KRG Administrative Area.

The Khanaqin committee members submitted a memorandum to the Kurdistan Parliament on the events of 16th October 2017, when the city’s residents faced threats and attacks by militia groups but did not allow them to lower the flag of Kurdistan, which still flies high in the city.

Their memorandum also submitted to the Kurdistan Parliament a petition signed by 65,000 residents of Khanaqin, and organized by several volunteers, calling for Khanaqin to return to the Kurdistan Region.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami thanked the committee for their loyalty and said that the Kurdistan Parliament will make every effort to return the Kurdish areas outside the KRG administrative area to the Kurdistan Region, within the framework and provisions of the Iraqi Constitution.