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Parliament holds second reading of bills on education accreditation board and on Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami on 15 June 2022 opened a sitting for the second reading of two bills, one on establishing an education and higher education accreditation board, and the other on the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism. Secretary Muna Kahveci was alongside the Deputy Speaker.

All the articles of the Bill on the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism were read by members of the Municipalities and Tourism Committee, and MPs gave their comments and suggestions in detail for each article. The suggestions will be taken into account when the committee, together with the Legislative Committee, prepares the bill’s voting report.

The purpose of the bill is, due to the development and expansion of Kurdistan Region’s towns and cities, to enable the departments of the Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism to respond to the public’s demands and needs, and to implement the Government’s plans to set up a suitable and effective structure in line with current needs and in the public interest, and to develop the tourism sector in Kurdistan Region.

Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq presided over the second reading of the Bill on the Board of Accreditation of Education and Higher Education Institutions and Programs in Kurdistan Region – Iraq. Dr. Alan Hama Saeed, the KRG Minister of Education, and Dr. Vala Fareed, the KRG Minister for the Region for Parliamentary Affairs, were present to explain the reasons for the bill and its details.

The purpose of the legislation is to improve academic standards of institutions and education programs and to ensure the quality of education in Kurdistan Region.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami closed the sitting.