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Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq welcomes Denmark’s Ambassador to Iraq Stig Paolo Piras

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 19 June 2022 welcomed Denmark’s Ambassador to Iraq Stig Paolo Piras.

They discussed the latest political developments in Iraq and Kurdistan, the challenges to the next Kurdistan Parliament election, and the differences between the political parties' about the system and mechanisms. Iraq’s peace and stability, human rights and civic freedoms were another topic of the meeting.

Speaker Faiq said, "The Constitution is the element that unifies all parties and everyone must abide by it. Without a true democracy, no political process in Iraq or Kurdistan can be succeed. I hope that the political parties will reach a compromise soon so that the election can be held on time.”

The Speaker explained Parliament’s goals for the current four-year term. She said, "One of our main goals in this current parliament was to pass laws to support the non-oil economic and trade sectors, so that the Kurdistan Region can benefit from other sectors such as industry, agriculture, and tourism, and not only rely on energy. Especially as the Kurdistan Region is suitable for the development of these fields. We have certainly been able to do achieve this legislative goal and now each of these different sectors has its own laws."

Dr. Faiq and Ambassador Piras agreed on the importance of strengthening bilateral relations. The Ambassador thanked the Speaker of Parliament for the insightful meeting.