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Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq welcomes new Head of Board for Kurdistani Areas outside KRG Administrative Area Mr. Fahmi Burhan

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 20 June 2022 met with the new Head of the Board for the Kurdistani Areas outside the KRG Administrative Area, Mr. Fahmi Burhan.

The meeting discussed the political, economic and social situation in the areas that fall within the geographic boundaries governed by Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution.

Speaker Faiq said, "The permanent Constitution of Iraq is the guarantor of the rights and demands of all the different peoples of Iraq. I hope that the Board for the Kurdistani Areas outside the KRG Administrative Area will make greater efforts to strengthen the national network and to use its relationships to make progress on this important issue that has been in limbo for years.”

The Speaker highlighted the Board’s responsibilities and obligations and asked them to closely coordinate with the Kurdistan Regions Committee in the Kurdistan Parliament.

Mr. Fahmi Burhan gave the Speaker an overview of the Board’s work and the reports that they are currently working on. He assured Speaker Faiq of the Board’s readiness to work with the Parliament committee on the Kurdistani Areas on all the issues that affect the lives and wellbeing of the peoples in those areas.