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Committees' recent meetings - 17 May 2022

Finance and Economic Affairs Committee

16 May – The committee discussed finding a suitable mechanism for distributing and paying public-sector pensions. The MPs gave their opinions and observations and stressed that they will continue their efforts to find a solution to the current problems as soon as possible.

Kurdistan Region's financial situation and economic issues in general were discussed, and the committee decided to send a letter to the KRG Council of Ministers requesting that the two director-generals of the Region Bank in Erbil and Slemani meet with the committee as soon as possible to discuss the fiscal situation in Kurdistan Region.

Protection of Women’s Rights Committee

16 May - The committee welcomed members of staff of the United Nations. The committee chair Lanja Dizayee (KDP) explained their work on women’s rights and on eliminating violence against women through amendments to existing laws or by drafting new legislation.

They also discussed the Bill on Combatting Violence against Women and Families and the steps they have taken to prepare the first report on the bill, and the committees’ scrutiny responsibilities.

The UN staff raised and asked the committee questions about several women’s rights issues.

The committee and the UN staff decided to work together on elimination of domestic violence and prevention of sexual abuse, and to do more for the victims of violence through the relevant laws.

Committee on Kurdistani Areas outside KRG Administrative Area

16 May – The committee visited the KRG Board on the Kurdistani Areas outside KRG Administrative Area, and congratulated the board’s new head, Mr. Fahmi Burhan.

Both sides agreed on continuing to work together on the issues facing the people in the Kurdistani areas and on the status of those areas.

16 May – The committee discussed the current conflicts and problems in Shengal between the Iraqi military forces and Shingal Resistance Units (YBS), a Yazidi militia affiliated with the PKK. The committee is waiting for the new Iraqi government to be formed in order to work more on this and other issues. The committee decided to send some recommendations to the Iraqi Council of Representatives (Parliament) on solutions to some of the problems in those areas.

The committee read their correspondence and replied.

Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee

16 May – The committee discussed the challenges facing the ministries of education and higher education, and possible amendments to the Law on Private Universities.

The MPs also discussed holding special workshops and more meetings with the Education Ministry in order to complete their final report on the Education Bill.

Social Affairs and Human Rights Committee

17 May – The committee discussed the problems at Kurdistan Region’s prisons, detention centres and monitoring the work of the general directorates for social care and development. They decided to visit these institutions for monitoring and scrutiny of their work and problems.

The committee read their correspondence and replied.