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Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami meets with Greece's Consul General Dr. Stavros Kyrimis

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami on 9 May 2022 received Greece's Consul General, Dr. Stavros Kyrimis, and his delegation. They discussed the ongoing exchange of experience and expertise to strengthen Parliament's work.

On behalf of the Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hawrami thanked the Consulate General for helping to strengthen ties between Kurdistan Region and Greece in many areas, including supporting Parliamentary capacity-building.

In cooperation with Parliament's Research Centre, the Consulate General has arranged several seminars for Parliament's committees and administrative staff.

Dr. Hawrami said that it is important to strengthen the culture of democracy and tolerance of political differences, through capacity building and sharing experience.

Consul General Kyrimis said that currently there is also bilateral cooperation on journalism, archeology, commerce and other areas.

Regarding the plight of Kurdish migrants in Greece, Dr. Kyrimis said that there is regular contact between the governments to find solutions.

Dr. Kyrimis was accompanied by Professor Vasileios Syros, professor of history and comparative political theory, who came to give a seminar to several Parliament committees and to the staff of the Diwan of Parliament.