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Committees’ recent meetings – 18 September 2022

A summary of Kurdistan Parliament’s committees’ recent meetings and activities:

Finance and Economic Affairs Committee

14 September – The committee discussed the Board of Audit’s third report.

They also decided to look into private education and higher education tuition fees, from kindergartens to universities, to reduce the financial burden on families. The MPs felt that in the current financial situation, everyone should feel responsible and play their part in helping families.

The committee replied to correspondence.

Agriculture and Irrigation Committee

14 September 2022 – The committee discussed problems facing Kurdistan’s poultry farms and submitted a letter to Parliament’s Presidency calling for the price of local and foreign products to be equalized and for the tax on frozen [imported] chicken to be increased.

The committee also submitted a letter to Parliament’s Presidency regarding the Bill on the Regulation of Wholesale Markets.

The committee replied to correspondence.

Martyrs, Genocide and Political Prisoners Committee

15 September – The committee visited the cave of Dkan village in Qasrok, Shekhan district, where in 1969, 75 civilians sheltered in a cave to escape attacks by the former Iraqi Ba’ath regime and were massacred.

The committee listened to the requests and complaints of the victims’s families and pledged to raise them with the authorities.

They later visited Amina Khani, a woman a survivor of the massacre.

Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee

18 September – The committee, led by the chair Dr. Rebwar Babkeyi (KDP), visited the British Consulate General in Erbil and signed the book of condolence on the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

Dr. Rebwar Babkeyi wrote in the book of condolence that the death of HM Queen Elizabeth II was a great loss not only for the people of the UK, but also for the world. The Queen symbolized humanity as well as the union of the British people and their lands, he noted.