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Parliament holds second reading of articles 15 to 34 of the Bill on Education and Training

The Kurdistan Parliament on 28 September 2022 continued the second reading of the Bill on Education and Training in Kurdistan Region – Iraq, reading from articles 15 to 34 on the upper grades of secondary school and on vocational and technical education institutes.

Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq presided over the sitting, with Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami and Secretary Muna Kahveci alongside her.

The KRG Education Minister Alan Hama Saeed, Minister for the Region for Parliament Affairs, Dr. Vala Farid, and Dr. Seywan Ali from the KRG Ministry of Education were present to give clarifications on the bill.

Articles 15 to 34  are the provisions on the objectives, stages, projects and completion of upper secondary education (in the bill called preparatory education, grades 10 to 12), vocational education institutes and the upper secondary syllabus, the objectives, principles, methods of study and projects of vocational and technical education institutes, common rules and principles, curricula and teaching materials, semesters and class times at state (government) institutions, suspending education in emergency situations, evening classes, and the provision of books and school supplies.

MPs gave their detailed comments and suggestions on the articles, which will be considered for the bill’s voting report by the education and legislative committees.

Minister Alan Hama Saeed and the education committee explained some points in response to MPs’ comments and questions.

Speaker Faiq announced the end of the sitting to give time for Parliament’s Interior, Security and Local Councils Committee to hold their own meeting to discuss Iran’s missile and drone attacks on several areas inside Kurdistan Region, including the city of Koya and near the mountainous Bradost area, killing and injuring several people.

Speaker Faiq said, "We will end our sitting so that the Interior Committee can hold its own meeting and get clarity on the events that have taken place today and the heads of the parliamentary parties can decide Parliament’s position on this issue. We will hold our next sitting tomorrow at 10am."