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Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami conveys best wishes on Gulan magazine's 29th anniversary

Dear Editor, writers and all the staff of Gulan Magazine,

On the 29th anniversary of the first issue of your heavyweight magazine, I extend my best wishes to the editor, writers, staff and readers.

Since its first publication, Gulan was a different serious media outlet in Kurdistan. It forged a new path in Kurdistan’s media and became a prominent and effective platform for conveying the truth and for bringing together prominent figures in Kurdish journalism and literature. Even today after many years, Gulan has maintained its serious reputation and continues to convene eminent experts and writers.

I hope that Gulan continues to progress as a distinctive, prominent and weighty platform for Kurdistan’s eminent journalists and writers.

My best wishes for your continued success and progress.

Dr. Hemin Hawrami

Deputy Speaker of Kurdistan Parliament

22 April 2023