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Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq's statement on the Erbil-Baghdad oil agreement

Following the resolution of the issue of Kurdistan Region’s oil and gas between the Federal Government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the Kurdistan Parliament welcomes the agreement and warmly congratulates the people of Kurdistan and Iraq. We hope that it will lead to a positive mutual understanding on all the other pending issues between Erbil and Baghdad.

The people of Kurdistan have been through hard years of exhausting crises because of the disputes over the oil issue, and our nation now expects all of us to establish a new era of certainty and peace, and of fairness towards all sections of society and all towns and cities.

To this end, after ensuring Kurdistan Region’s revenue sources, just as we insist on our Region’s financial entitlements in the Iraqi budget and rely on the Constitution and laws to obtain them, we must also insist on the same logic and principles by calling for the KRG to send the budget bill to Parliament from now and in the future, so that we all fulfill our legal obligations in this regard.

Dr. Rewaz Faiq

Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament

4 April 2023