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Secretary Muna Kahveci conveys best wishes on Turkmen Journalism Day

This February 25th, Turkmen Journalism Day, my best wishes go out to all journalists, writers and intellectuals in the Kurdistan Region, and especially to the Turkmen community.

This celebration commemorates an important era in the history of Turkmen journalism and marks a great cultural turning point. The first Turkmen newspaper, Al- Hawadith, was published on February 25th, 1911. It was significant for preserving and publishing Turkmen writing and in developing Turkmen journalism. The newspaper also helped to preserve Turkmen values, traditions and culture.

I warmly congratulate all journalists in Kurdistan Region and hope that this occasion will encourage journalism and media in our region generally, and that it is an opportunity to strengthen peaceful coexistence between all the religious and ethnic communities in Kurdistan Region.

Muna Kahveci

Secretary of Kurdistan Parliament

25 February 2023