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Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq chairs discussion on proposal to draft anti-hate speech bill

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 21 February 2023 chaired a meeting to discuss a proposal to draft an anti-hate speech bill.

The participants were representatives of the Kurdistan Region Judicial Council, the General Prosecution service, the Kurdistan Region Presidency, the KRG Office for International Advocacy, the chair of Parliament's Legislative Committee and legal advisers.

They exchanged views about the legal and social aspects of anti-hate speech legislation.

They also discussed the human rights and civil liberties principles enshrined by the United Nations Charter and international human rights frameworks that prohibit the advocacy of hate speech.

The participants stressed that this proposal needs careful work and should not lead to restrictions on freedom of expression, and at the same time should promote peaceful coexistence between all of Kurdistan Region’s diverse communities while protecting civil liberties and societal peace.