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Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami welcomes Netherlands' new Consul General, Mr. Jaco Beerends

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami on 25 January 2023 welcomed the Netherlands’ new Consul General in Kurdistan Region, Mr. Jaco Beerends. They discussed the current political situation and the parties’ talks on holding the next Kurdistan Parliament election.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami congratulated Mr. Beerends on his new posting and wished him success in his duties.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami said that fortunately there is progress in the talks between the political parties about the next Kurdistan Parliament election. Legally the next election must be held before the end of this Parliament’s extension, which is 31 December 2023. This Parliament was extended for one year to prevent a legal vacuum, but cannot be extended further, he said.

The Deputy Speaker said that holding a free, fair and timely election is the public’s right.

On the issue of the 11 reserved seats for Kurdistan’s Christian, Turkmen and Armenian communities, Dr. Hawrami said it is up to the communities themselves to have discussions and decide which election system is best for them. The wishes of Kurdistan’s ethnic and religious communities will be respected, he said.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami said, “To hold the first reading of amendments to the Election Law, which have been proposed and submitted by different parties to Parliament’s Presidency, and to renew the mandate of the election commission, we must schedule an extraordinary Parliament sitting. After finding some common ground and political consensus on these bills, Parliament should arrange their second reading and then vote on them. At the same time, the electoral commission’s mandate will be renewed and the vacant positions in the commission filled. Then the commission can prepare the technicalities for holding the election this year."

Deputy Speaker Hawrami asked the Netherlands to support Kurdistan’s democratic process through the international community, the UN and organizations that monitor elections.

Consul General Beerends thanked Deputy Speaker Hawrami for his welcome and for briefing him on the recent developments.