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Parliament's Presidency and heads of blocks discuss amendments to Election Law, renewing Election Commission's mandate

Kurdistan Parliament's Presidency and heads of parliamentary blocks on 23 January 2023 held a meeting to discuss possible amendments to the Kurdistan Election Law and renewing the mandate of the Kurdistan High Electoral Commission.

The Presidency and MPs discussed in detail fast tracking the legislation needed to hold elections for Parliament's sixth term, before the current legal  extension ends.

The Presidency and heads of party blocks stressed that everyone will comply with the legal deadline set for the holding the elections, amending the election law and renewing the election commission's mandate.

The meeting also covered the legal and technical groundwork needed ahead of the elections. Speaker Faiq thanked the heads of the parliamentary blocks for their readiness and concern about reaching an agreement that everyone finds acceptable.

The meeting concluded with a decision by Parliament's Presidency to prepare a roadmap of Parliament's responsibilities on the elections and present it to the heads of the parliamentary blocks at another meeting.