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Secretary Muna Kahveci's message on 32nd anniversary of 1991 Uprising

On the 32nd anniversary of the 1991 Uprising, I extend my best wishes to the honourable families of martyrs, our brave Peshmerga, former political prisoners and all the people of Kurdistan.

The anniversary of the great Uprising is an opportunity to reflect, adapt to the new regional circumstances and work for political unity, so that we can break the deadlock that Kurdistan Region is experiencing.

Clearly Kurdistan, Iraq, and the wider region are in a sensitive and fluid situation. The duty of all the political parties and forces is to fulfill their responsibility at this stage, which is to put the fate and highest interests of the people and nation above all else, to protect Kurdistan Region’s constitutional status, secure all our legitimate rights, and better serve the people and all our diverse communities.

I hope that this commemoration will encourage political unity and solidarity, a unified voice, a genuine coalition, and cooperation between all the political parties in order to cement and improve our record and make greater gains for our people.

Muna Kahveci

Secretary of Kurdistan Parliament

5 March 2023