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Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami receives Iraqi Ministry of National Defence delegation

Deputy Speaker Dr. Hemin Hawrami on 9 May 2023 welcomed officials from the Iraqi Ministry of National Defence, accompanied by KRG Peshmerga Ministry officers.

The Iraqi delegation included Marine Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Ahmed Omran Abd, Dean of the National Defense College; Lieutenant Colonel Ali Handol Mazkhour, Head of the Faculty; lecturer Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Mohammad Ghalib Mohammad; officers and senior officials of the Ministry of National Defence and of other ministries and Iraqi institutions, and Masters students of the college.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami gave an overview of Kurdistan Parliament’s make-up, parties and responsibilities, and the legislation passed in the current term.

They discussed the latest political developments in the Kurdistan Region and the different views about the next parliament election. Dr. Hawrami said that elections are a main pillar of democracy and stressed the need to hold the poll on time.

The Ministry of Defence delegation expressed their interest in greater collaboration and strengthening institutional relationships.