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Kurdistan Region Legislation Database

Legislation is available in Kurdish and Arabic languages in the Legislation Database.



The Kurdistan Parliament has 111 members elected by popular vote every four years. Sixteen parties and lists are in the current parliament term that began in November 2018. Of these, eight are parties or lists that represent Turkmen, Christian and Armenian communities in Kurdistan Region. Of the 111 seats, 11 are reserved for these communities. By law, women must hold at least 30% of seats.


Texts of the laws passed by the Kurdistan Parliament - Iraq. 

Parliament Committees

The Kurdistan Parliament has 19 standing committees that work on a wide range of subject areas. Much of parliament’s work takes place in these committees. Their mandate is to propose and study bills (draft laws) and look at suggested amendments. Committees scrutinize the government and other institutions, and examine issues of the day. They also represent the public by looking into their problems, complaints and requests.