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The last election for the 111-seat legislature was held on 30 September 2018. Anyone aged 18 or over who is a citizen of the Kurdistan Region and is on the electoral register is eligible to vote in a direct, universal and secret ballot.

The electoral system is a partially open-list form of proportional representation: Choosing from many parties and lists, voters can vote either for one party as a whole, or can vote for an individual candidate from a party. This system incentivises parties to select attractive candidates, and MPs are more accountable to the electorate than in a closed list system.

Parliamentary elections are held at least every four calendar years, (as stipulated in Article 8 of the Kurdistan Electoral Law).

A minimum quota of 30% of seats are reserved for women MPs, and 11 seats are reserved for parties representing minorities: five for Turkmen parties, five for Christian parties, and one for Armenian parties. Please click here to see the parties and current MPs elected to parliament. 

Read more about elections at the website of The Independent High Electoral and Referendum Commission of the Kurdistan Region