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Latest News

Read the latest news about Parliament debates and sittings, the presidency's and committees' meetings, visitors to parliament, and other announcements.   


The Kurdistan Parliament has 19 standing committees that work on a wide range of subject areas. Most of parliament’s work of law-making and scrutiny takes place in these committees. Details of the committees and their members are available here. 


Laws enacted since the Kurdistan Parliament's founding in 1992 are available here to read and download. 

Draft Legislation

Draft legislation, also known as bills, are proposals for laws that have started in parliament, but have not yet been passed or enacted. Click here to see bills and give your opinion using our feedback form.  


Read resolutions, non-binding decisions that express the Kurdistan Parliament's stance on an issue or action, or that give support to an issue, action or cause.  

Watch parliament videos

The Kurdistan Parliament's debates and sittings are streamed live from our website and Youtube channel. Previous sittings are also available to watch. 

Research Centre

Kurdistan Parliament's Research Centre provides research to support the legislative, monitoring and representation work of MPs. The centre also organises training for MPs and administrative staff. Research is on political and social affairs, fiscal policies, economics and legislation. Click below to contact the Research Centre and to access their research. 

Minutes of Sittings

Minutes of sittings are the official record of the legislative proceedings, debates and votes when MPs are sitting in the chamber on a particular day. The minutes are in Kurdish. Please click below to access them.