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The Kurdistan Region searchable legislation database (external link), in Kurdish and Arabic, includes the resolutions passed by the Kurdistan Parliament.

The legislation database is in html format and uses Unicode Kurdish and Arabic, making it easy to copy sections and search within the laws. The database categorizes legislation by type, year and subject area. 

The PDFs below are scans of the hard copies of the resolutions. As they are scans and don't use Unicode fonts, these PDFs are best suited to reading only. We recommend that you access the laws from the legislation database instead, for a more user-friendly format.

Resolutions are formal statements of an opinion or a decision that has been voted and agreed on by the members of Parliament. Resolutions are used to express Parliament's position on important events and issues that arise. Or often, resolutions are simply decisions on parliamentary procedures, such as approving membership of Parliament's committees or forming special ad hoc committees. Another type of resolution is votes of confidence in new governments and in nominees for ministerial positions, and voting to select heads of boards and commissions. Resolutions are also used to declare or designate annual holidays, remembrances and commemorations, and to give special titles to cities and other administrative areas.

The resolutions are categorized by year: