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The Kurdistan Parliament-Iraq has 111 MPs and 16 political parties. Read more about them here. 

MPs by name alphabetical order

The Kurdistan Parliament has 111 members who are elected by popular vote every four years. Thirty four MPs are women, and 11 MPs represent Christian, Turkmen and Armenian political parties, who are guaranteed seats to ensure participation of Kurdistan's ethnic and religious components. The minimum quota of female parliamentarians is 30 percent. Click the link below to see MPs' individual profiles.

Parliament hemicycle chart

There are 16 political parties represented in the Kurdistan Parliament. Click here to see a hemicycle chart that gives a visual summary of Parliament's make-up and lists the number of seats per party.

Parties' links, logos and MPs

See the logos of the 16 political parties with seats in the Kurdistan Parliament, the number of MPs in each party, and links to their MPs' profiles. 

Kurdistan Parliament's Presidency

The Presidency of the Kurdistan Parliament is made up of the Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq Hussein, Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami and Secretary Muna Kahveci. They are elected by the MPs. At least one member of the presidency must be woman. The Presidency work as a team, while each position in the presidency also has specific responsibilities.