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Parliament's Presidency

Role of the Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament

The Speaker of the Kurdistan Parliament is one of the three highest-ranking officials in the Kurdistan Region. The others are the President of the Region, and the Prime Minister of the Government.

The Speaker is elected by MPs at the beginning of a four-year parliamentary term following a general election. Only a current MP can be elected to the position.

The Speaker, supported by the Deputy Speaker and Secretary, chairs the proceedings in the parliamentary chamber. She decides who can speak, and puts questions to MPs for voting. She also enforces the rules to ensure the orderly conduct of business, gives MPs guidance on procedures, and rules on points of order if necessary. The Speaker must be fair and impartial to all MPs.

The Speaker and her deputies oversee Parliament’s agenda of work, and decide the timetable for parliament sittings and readings of bills. Together with the Deputy Speaker and the Secretary, the Speaker ensures that bills and other matters proceed through Parliament smoothly.   

The Speaker also represents the Kurdistan Parliament at events at home and internationally, and welcomes many officials from Kurdistan and abroad.

Read more about the Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq Hussein

Role of the Deputy Speaker and Secretary

The Deputy Speaker and the Secretary of the Kurdistan Parliament are elected to their positions by MPs at the beginning of a four-year parliamentary term following a general election. They have the same range of responsibilities when acting in place of the Speaker, and in the absence of the Speaker they exercise all of her authority. The Deputy Speaker chairs parliament sittings in the Speaker’s absence. The Deputy Speaker and Secretary also support the Speaker in her representation of the Kurdistan Parliament at home and abroad. Read more about Parliament's Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami and Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci.

The powers and duties of each member of Parliament' Presidency are determined by Parliament's Internal Rules of Procedure

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