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Kurdistan Parliament's Research Centre

Kurdistan Parliament's Research Centre provides research to support the legislative, monitoring and representation work of MPs and strengthen the skills of Parliament's administrative staff.

The centre also organises training for MPs and administrative staff. Research is on political and social affairs, fiscal policies, economics and legislation.

The Research Centre was established in Parliament’s third term, and began work on 4th June 2012 on the orders of the Parliament Speaker. 

How we work

The Research Centre works directly under the authority and direction of Kurdistan Parliament’s Presidency, per Article 115 of the Internal Rules of Procedure. We work impartially by subject matter with Parliament’s Presidency Board, committees, MPs and other departments. We gather the appropriate experts and knowledge, working with governmental bodies and international and domestic civil society organisations and NGOs.


We prepare clear, practical and specific information and knowledge on the parliamentary processes of law-making, scrutiny and representation, for Parliament’s Presidency Board, the committees, MPs and other departments. Our task is to help strengthen the work of Parliament at all levels.

The Research Centre provides its products and services – objective, comprehensive information - to Parliament using specific organised systems and standards.  Here you can access the centre’s research and publications on different areas and sectors, and read about our training workshops.


  • Help to provide the skills, knowledge and tools that Parliamentarians need to carry out their law-making and oversight responsibilities.
  • Help to develop the skills and knowledge of Parliament’s administrative staff so that they can provide the best possible support to MPs.
  • Support Parliament’s research.
  • Distribute Parliament’s research and information.
  • Participate in conferences and seminars of other regional and national parliaments.

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