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The Kurdistan Region searchable legislation database (external link), in Kurdish and Arabic, includes the laws, resolutions and amendments enacted by the Kurdistan Parliament, repealed legislation, as well as the regulations issued by the KRG Council of Ministers. It also contains the drafts of the Kurdistan Constitution, and sets out the resolutions and decisions made by Parliament at the different stages of writing the draft Constitution. For Iraqi federal laws, the Kurdistan Region database links to the Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council's legislation depository. 

The legislation database is in html format and uses Unicode Kurdish and Arabic, making it easy to copy sections and search within the laws. The database categorizes legislation by type, year and subject area. 

The PDFs below are scans of the hard copies of the laws. As they are scans and don't use Unicode fonts, these PDFs are best suited to reading only. We recommend that you access the laws from the legislation database instead, for a more user-friendly format.

The laws enacted in the following years are in Kurdish, and the titles of the laws translated into English: 

The laws of the following years are in Kurdish (both their titles and full text). Click on a year to see the laws.