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Dr. Kazm Qaradaghi (New Generation)

Note: On 1/3/2023, resigned in the first ordinary session of the fifth spring session of the fifth term of the Kurdistan Parliament

Personal Information

Name Kazm Faroq Nameq
Surname Kazm Qaradaghi
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1.1.1986, Slemani
Residency Slemani- Bakhtyari
Education Masters in medicine, UK


New Generation Movement- Head of Bloc

Committee Membership

  1. Endowments and Religious Affairs Committee
  2. Health, Environment and Consumer Rights Committee

Previous career

  1. Consultant physician at Hiwa Hospital, Slemani
  2. Lecturer at Polytechnic University, Slemani
  3. Spokesman for the New Generation Movement
  4. Head of New Generation Movement Parliamentary bloc


Telephone: 0772 197 9898