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Halz Botani (KIU)

Note: On 1/3/2023, resigned in the first ordinary session of the fifth spring session of the fifth term of the Kurdistan Parliament

Personal Information

Name Halz Ahmed Mohammed Hasan 
Surname Halz Botani
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  21.11.1978, Duhok
Residency Duhok
Education BA in Education


Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU)

Committee Membership

  1. Education, Higher Education and Scientific Research Committee
  2. Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee

Previous career

  1. Teacher for 18 years
  2.  Responsible for Education and Teachers’ Rights at Duhok branch of Kurdistan Teachers Union



Telephone: 0750 459 3506 / 0751 808 7437