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Soran Omar Said (KIG, Former MP)

Note: On 15 July 2020, at the sixth sitting of the spring session of the second year of the fifth term of the Kurdistan Parliament, his request to resign from his membership of Parliament was put to vote. Of the 89 present MPs, 55 members accepted his resignation.

Personal Information

Name Soran Omar Said 
Nationality Kurd
Religion Islam
Date & Place of Birth  12.12.1978, Qaradagh
Residency Slemani, Khabat
Education Bachelors in Statistics and Communication


Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG)

Committee Membership


Previous career

  1.  Adviser to the KIG President
  2.  Director of the KIG News Agency
  3.  Director of Payam Satellite TV Channel’s News Bureau



Telephone: 0782 716 8400