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Dler Abdulkhaleq Haji (Change)

Personal Information

Name Dler Abdulkhaleq Haji
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1985, Dukan
Residency Derwaze City

Diploma in Journalism

Bachelors Degree in Media

Masters Degree in New Media and Goverance 



Committee Membership

Gorran (Change Movement)

Previous career

  1. Member of Press Chamber and Intelligence Chamber of Gorran (Change Movement), 2012-2018
  2. Coordinator of Press Chamber and Member of National Leadership of Gorran (Change Movement), 2019-2023
  3. Official Speaker of Gorran (Change Movement), 2021-2023
  4. Editor in Chief, Writing Director, Editorial Board and Journalist in Several Media Institutions, (2003-2013)
  5. Journalist and Director of Media Institute of Wishe Media Company , 2007-2019
  6. Journalist at Ministry of Municipalities and Tourism of Kurdistan Regional Government, 2003
  7. Worked as Senior Journalist in the Ministry of Culture and Youth, 2014