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Lanja Dizayee (KDP)

Personal Information

Name Lanja Ibrahim Abdurahman Dizayee 
Surname Lanja Dizayee
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1/10/1965, Erbil

Masters in Administration, French-Lebanese University (2010); BSc in Mathematics, College of Science, University of Salahaddin (1988)


Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)

Committee Membership

  1. Chair of Protection of Women's Rights Committee
  2. Martyrs’ Affairs, Genocide and Political Prisoners Committee

Previous career

  1. 2010-2019: Advisor, Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs
  2. 2006-2009: Expert, Ministry of Martyrs and Anfal Affairs
  3. 2005: Manager at Joint Humanitarian Information Center (JHIC)
  4. 2004: Director of Office of Project Coordination (OPC) between KRG & Coalition Provisional Authority
  5. 2002: Administrative Assistant, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO, UN) Procurement Unit
  6. 1988-2001: Mathematics Teacher, Ministry of Education
  7. Course in project administration at Method Co. in Jordan (2004)
  8. Strategic planning course at UNOPS in Jordan (2007)
  9. Strategic planning course at MST Taweer (2008)