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Muhammad Elkhani (Turkmen Development)

Personal Information

Name Muhammad Sadadin Anwar Shukir 
Surname Muhammad Elkhani
Nationality Turkmen
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1978, Erbil
Residency Erbil
Education BA in Politics and Communication


Turkmen Development Party

Committee Membership

  1. Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee
  2. Rapporteur of Finance and Economic Affairs Committee

Previous career

  1.  Member of Turkmen Development Party, 1991
  2.  Director of Turkmen Students Union branch, 1992
  3.  Editor-in-chief of Turkmen Generation Journal, 1994
  4.  President of Turkmen Students Union, 1998
  5.  Member of Political Bureau of Neli Turkmen Party, 2002
  6.  Head of Turkmen Media Office, 2003
  7.  Member of Iraqi Peace Council, 2008
  8.  Secretary of Turkmen Writers Union, 2010
  9.  President of Turkmen Development Party, 2013
  10.  Kurdistan Parliament MP, 4th Term, 2013 
  11.  Owner of Turkmen Development Newspaper, 2013



Telephone: 0750 456 2499