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Sawsan Muhammad Mirkhan (KDP)

Personal Information

Name Sawsan Muhammad Mirkhan
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1.1.1973
Residency Erbil, Italy
Education BA in English Language


Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)

Committee Membership

  1. Chair of Martyrs Affairs, Genocide and Political Prisoners Committee
  2. Parliament Affairs and Complaints Committee

Previous career

  1. Director of Relations Office in KDP Elections Department, 2005-2018
  2. Member of Kurdistan Students Union and Kurdistan Women’s Union
  3. Member of Central Office of Research, 2004-2006
  4. Member of KDP political party
  5. Member and founder of Kurdistan Institute for political issues
  6. Member of women's national platform in Iraq
  7. Spokeswoman for Political Parties Women of Kurdistan, Erbil Province, 2006-2011
  8. Coordinator of American organizations affairs of (NDI) and (IRI) of Kurdistan Democratic Party election organization, 2005-2018 



Telephone0750 445 0616