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Abubakir Haladny (KIU)

Note:On 1/3/2023, resigned in the first ordinary session of the fifth spring session of the fifth term of the Kurdistan Parliament

Personal Information

Name Abubakir Omar Abdullah Saeed 
Surname Abubakir Haladny 
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1.7.1970
Residency Slemani- Fermanbaran
Education Bachelors in Law, Salahaddin University (1993)


Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU)

Committee Membership

  1. Peshmerga Committee
  2. Municipalities, Transport, Communication, Travel and Tourism Committee

Previous career

  1.  Leader of KIU parliamentary block in Kurdistan Parliament’s fourth term
  2.  Member of Legislative Committee and Interior Committee in Kurdistan Parliament’s fourth term.
  3.  Member of Committee on amending Parliamentary procedures in the fourth parliamentary term.
  4.  Leading Member of KIU political bureau.



Telephone: 0750 122 3482  /  0770 150 0588