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Sarkis Aghajan Mamando

Personal Information

Name Sarkis Aghajan Mamando
Nationality Assyrian Syriac Chaldean
Religion Christian
Date & Place of Birth  1962, Diana
Residency Ankawa, Erbil
Education High School Certificate




Political Affiliation

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)

Committee Membership


Previous career

  1. Head of Democratic Party Relations Office in Wrme
  2. Researcher 
  3. Author in Kurdish and Persian Language
  4. Member of Kurdistan Parliament Delegation in Reconstruction Conference in Holland and Belgium (1993)
  5. Founder of Assyrian Democratic Party (1980)
  6. Deputy Minister of Economic and Financial Ministry (1998)
  7. Minister of Economic and Financial Ministry
  8. Deputy Prime Minister (2004-2006)
  9. Owner of Magazines (Simta, Shin, Merg, Hizl, Sculpturing, Political Economy, Accounting...)
  10. Owner of East Cultural Organization
  11. Elected as Assyrian man by American Assyrian Association (2006)
  12. Member of Iraqi National Association, Participated in Iraqi Opposition Congress in (1992 in Salahadin , 1999 in NewYork)