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Amina Zikra Saed

Personal Information

Name Amina Zikra Saed
Surname Amina Zikra Nerwayi
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  26.3.1979, Duhok
Residency Duhok
Education Bachelors Degree in Kurdish Language


 Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP)

Committee Membership

The committee of Education, Higher education, and Scientific Research

Previous career

  1. Leading Member of Women Union
  2. Head of KDP's Arrangement Branch, Duhok, 2001-2006
  3. Member of KDP's 1st Branch, 2005-2009
  4. Technical Director of Electoral Office, 1st Branch, 2005-2007
  5. Head of Duhok Institute for Political Issue, 2007-2009
  6. Member of Writers Board of Magazines of Nubun and Matin, 2004-2005
  7. Member of Kurd Writers Union, Duhok  



Telephone: 07504571451