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Ari Abdulatif Mawlud

Personal Information

Name Ari Abdulatif Mawlud
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  28.9.1977, Halabja
Education Diploma and Bachelors Degree in Kurdish Language


Islamic Movement in Kurdistan

Committee Membership

The committee of Relations, Culture, and Media

Previous career

  1. Member of Religious relation of Students and Youth Organization, 1993
  2. Journalist from 1996
  3. Member of Kurdish Language expertise in Halabja, 2005
  4. Member of High Council of Journalists Syndicate, 2010
  5. Member of Journalist International Federation, 2010
  6. Founder of Pasha Cultural Organization, 2014
  7.  Author of 12 Books
  8. General Supervisor of Islamic Movement Newspaper, 2018
  9. TV Presenter, 1995
  10. Head of Islamic Movement's Journalist Board, 2011
  11. Cofounder of Halabja Enlightenment Center
  12. Member of Media Office of Islamic Movement, 2007
  13. Civil Society Activist, 2000