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Ahmed Sleman Abdulla Hama

Personal Information

Name Ahmed Sleman Abdulla
Surname Bilal Sleman
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1.7.1970, Rania, Sulemani
Residency Erbil
Education Bachelors Degree in Law 



Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG)

Political Affiliation


Committee Membership

  1. The Committee of relations, culture media
  2. The Committee of Municipality Service, Transportation and Tourism

Previous career

  1. Member of Kurdistan Islamic Movement, 1987
  2. Peshmerga
  3. Head of Said Qutib Forces
  4. Member of Military Office 
  5. Member of Kurdistan Islamic Movement's Leadership, 1999
  6. Member of KIG's Leadership
  7. Head of KIG's Foreign Relation Office
  8. Head of KIG's Relations in Iran