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Bayan Ahmed Hasan Barwari

Personal Information

Name Bayan Ahmed Hasan
Surname Bayan Ahmed Barwari
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1966, Shekhan
Residency Erbil
Education Masters Degree in Islamic Study; PhD Student in the Field of Iraqi Women's Movement; Diploma in Arabic Language and Neuro Linguistic Programming



Kurdistan Islamic Union KIU (Social Reform List)

Political Affiliation


Committee Membership

The Committee of Social Affairs, Children and Family

Previous career

  1. Head of KIU's Organizations Bureau, 2008-2009
  2. Consultant of Many Civil Society Organizations
  3. Activist in Women's Field
  4. Member of Kurdistan Islamic Sisters Union  (Khushkan)
  5. Head of Kurdistan Islamic Sisters Union (Khushkan), Duhok, 1994-1999
  6. Member of Secretariat of Kurdistan Islamic Sisters Union (Khushkan), 1994-2005
  7. Member of KIU's 3rd Branch, Duhok, 1996-2005 
  8. Head of KIU's Students Branch, 2001-2005
  9. Member of KIU's Leadership Council
  10. Member of Follow-up Committee in KIU's Leadership Council ,2005-2008
  11. Member of Sisters Affairs Office (Khushkan), 2005-2008
  12. Member of Teachers Syndicate
  13. Member of Kurdistan Journalists Syndicate
  14. Member of International Journalists Syndicate
  15. Member of Central Forum in Islamic Thought
  16. Researcher