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Salm Toma Kako

Personal Information

Name Salm Toma Kako
Nationality Assyrian
Religion Christian
Date & Place of Birth  1.11.1955, Shaqlawa, Erbil
Education Bachelors Degree in Economics and Administration at Mosul University



Al-Rafidain List

Political Affiliation


Committee Membership

  1. Vice- Chair of The Committee of Agriculture and Irrigation
  2. The Committee of industry, Power, and Natural Resources

Previous career

  1. Accounting Assistant in Erbil Reconstruction Directorate
  2. Accounting Director in Erbil Reconstruction Directorate, 1989 
  3. Member of Administrative Affairs Committee of Chaldean Mariam Alazra Church in Shaqlawa, 1992
  4. Head of Finance of Chaldean Mariam Alazra Church
  5. Member of Administration Council of Yanbuh Magazine in Chaldean Mariam Alazra Church
  6. Member of Democratic Assyrian Movement , 1992
  7. Co- founder of Margorgis Cultural center in Shaqlawa, 1992
  8. Co- founder of Karitas Union of Catholic Church, 1992
  9. Head of Reconstruction and Housing Minister's Office , 1992-1999
  10. Elected in 2nd Congress as a Member of Political Bureau of Democratic Assyrian Movement 
  11. Head of DAM's Finance and Administration Office
  12. Deputy of DAM's General Secretary, 2001 
  13. Consultant of DAM's Central Committee, 2006
  14. Manager in the Office of Minister of Energy and Industry
  15. Consultant in Ministry of Energy and Industry, 2002
  16. Member of Economist Union in Iraq and Kurdistan
  17. Member of Kurdistan Accountants and Auditors Syndicate
  18. Honor Member of American-Iraqi Chamber of Commerce and Industry