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Samir Salim Amin Bag Hama Bag

Personal Information

Name Samir Salim Amin
Surname Bag
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1.1.1968, Halabja
Residency Sulemani
Education BSc in Physics



Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU)

Political Affiliation

The Committee of Finance and Economic Affair

Committee Membership


Previous career

  1. Member of Administration Office of KIU's Student Affair, 1993
  2. Head of KIU's 1st Subbranch, 1994
  3. Member and head of KIU's 1st Branch , 1997-2004
  4. Head of KIU's 1st Branch, 2004-2008
  5. Member of KIU's Leadership, 2005-2007
  6. Spare Member of KIU's Political Bureau , 2007-2008
  7. Member of  KIU's Political Bureau, 2008
  8. Head of KIU's Organization Office, 2008-2009
  9. Member of Kurdistan Teachers Union Syndicate, Sulemani Branch
  10. Member of Kurdistan Physical and Chemical Union Syndicate, Sulemani
  11. Member of Physics and Maths Syndicate, Baghdad
  12. Member of Kurdistan Islamic Authors Association
  13. Member of Writers Commission of Hazharan Magazine, 1999-2003
  14. Co- Founder of Central Forum, Kurdistan Branch
  15. Co-Founder of Maulaui Center for Scientific Researches
  16. Member of Kurdistan Parliament, 2009
  17. Member of Kurdistan Parliamentarians Union