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Shilan Abduljabar Abdulghani

Personal Information

Name Shilan Abduljabar Abdulghani
Surname Sindi
Nationality Kurd
Religion Muslim
Date & Place of Birth  1974, Zakho
Residency Zakho, Erbil
Education Masters Degree in Political Sciences for International Studies at Oslo University, Norway



Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK)

Political Affiliation


Committee Membership

  1. The Committee of Municipality Service, Transportation and Tourism
  2. The Committee of relations, culture media

Previous career

  1. Previous Consulate of The Norwegian Labour and welfare Administration
  2. Consultant of Norwegian Organization for Asylumseekers (NOAS)
  3. Translator of Arabic, Norwegian and Kurdish Languages
  4. Member of Directors Board of Norwegian Council for Kurdish People Rights (RKR)
  5. Member of Womens Network of Norwegian Council for Kurdish People Rights
  6. Member of Directors Board of Kurd Student's Union, Norway
  7. Board Member of Political Sciences Academic Committee at Oslo University
  8. Managing Interviews of Accounting Central Office to Assess the Level of Living Among Westerners, Oslo
  9. Assistant Writer of Elections - Parliament and Municipality Elections, Oslo
  10. Employee of Social of Child Protection Organization, Oslo


Telephone: 07507304585