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Speaker Rewaz Faiq announces end of autumn session of Parliament

Per articles 7 and 18 of the Internal Rules of Procedure of Parliament, I announce the end of the autumn session of the second year of the fifth term of the Kurdistan Parliament.

Parliament Presidency's message for the New Year 2021

We wish the people of Kurdistan and all the people of Iraq a Happy New Year. We hope that in the New Year our region will enjoy peace and harmony, and that this year we will overcome the crises, strengthen trust between citizens and the Constitutional institutions, and protect and develop the Kurdistan Region’s Constitutional status, which is the result of the sacrifices made by the people of Kurdistan.

Joint committee looks into protests in Slemani Governorate

21 December - At the request of Kurdistan Parliament’s Presidency, a joint committee went to Slemani, Halabja, Garmian and Raparin and met with the public, administrations, political parties, security departments, and the families of those killed in the demonstrations. They went to the sites of the demonstrations.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami welcomes Kurdistan Platform for National Issues

The meeting with Dr. Avesta Kamal and her colleagues from Kurdistan Platform covered the political, economic and health situation in the Kurdistan Region and Iraq. Deputy Speaker Hawrami emphasized the unity and understanding among all political parties to overcome the crisis and achieve peace.

Speaker Rewaz Faiq meets with Kurdistan Pharmacists Syndicate

Speaker Rewaz Faiq said, “Food and medicine safety is one of the most important national issues for Kurdistan and is a matter of national the Kurdistan Parliament we insist that medicine should be properly controlled and supervised by the relevant health institutions.”

Parliament’s Presidency convey condolences on passing of Kaka Rash Naqshbandi

We are saddened to learn of the passing of Kaka Rash Naqshbandi, the prominent former MP of the Kurdistan Parliament from the city of Erbil.

Speaker Faiq conveys best wishes to Kurdsat television channel on 21st anniversary

Kurdsat is unique in showing the beauty of Kurdish society, serving all of the public from every walk of life, refusing to do away with respectful journalism, and in showing the Kurds’ unique culture and features.

KRG’s negotiators explain outcome of latest talks with Baghdad to Kurdistan Parliament

Kurdistan Regional Government Deputy Prime Minister Talabani told MPs, "We have agreed with the Iraqi government on the 2021 general budget and 12.67% has been set as the Kurdistan Region's budget," he said. "We are now waiting for the agreement to be passed and implemented in the Iraqi parliament."

Committees' recent meetings - 28 December 2020

The Municipalities Committee went to the Korean Village residential complex to hear the residents' complaints and demands;the Kurdistani Areas is deeply concerned by the Arabization of Palkana and Sargaran districts; the Peshmerga Committee's report on their activities is available to read online; and the Finance Committee discussed how the impact of the Iraqi Dinar devaluation on prices of goods should be mitigated.   

KRG negotiating team to explain to Parliament outcome of latest talks with Iraqi Federal Government

On Monday 28 December, the Kurdistan Regional Government’s team for negotiations with the Iraqi Federal Government will explain the outcome of their latest talks with Baghdad to the Kurdistan Parliament. Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani and the other KRG officials will meet with Parliament’s Presidency, heads of the parliamentary parties and three parliament committees at 11am.