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Speaker Dr Rewas Faiq wishes Kurdistan and the world a Happy New Year

I wish the people of Kurdistan and people around the world a Happy New Year. I hope for peace, a resolution to crises and a restoration of the people’s faith and confidence in the political authorities, so that together we can work for meaningful progress and make a visible difference.

Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq congratulates Salahaddin Bahadin on reelection as Secretary General of Kurdistan Islamic Union

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq congratulated the Kurdistan Islamic Union party on 29 December on holding their 8th Congress, and congratulated Salahaddin Bahadin on his reelection as the party’s Secretary General.

Parliament committee responds to misleading statements by Kirkuk acting governor

Kurdistan Parliament’s Committee on Kurdistani Areas outside the KRG Administrative Area issued the following statement in response to false and misleading remarks made by the acting Governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Al-Jabouri, in an interview with Rudaw Media on 19 December:

Deputy Speaker Hawrami sends Christmas wishes to Christians in Kurdistan, Iraq and the world

Kurdistan Parliament Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami conveyed his best wishes to Christians at Christmas in the following message.

Parliament holds second reading of Turkmen National Days Resolution, votes to extend autumn session

At the Kurdistan Parliament sitting of 24 December, MPs voted in favour of extending the Autumn Session of Parliament by 30 days, to late January, so that work on the Reform Bill, other bills and discussions on the budget and situation in Iraq can continue.

Committees’ recent meetings – 24 December 2019

The Finance Committee and KRG Finance Minister Awat Janab discussed the Reform Bill; the Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee asked the Greek Consul to help 1800 migrants and refugees in Greece. 

Parliamentary Secretary receives a delegation from CEDAW

Kurdistan Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci on 22 December welcomed a delegation from CEDAW Organization, chaired by Ms. Eva Said.  

Secretary Kahveci: We must remove obstacles to achieving food security in Kurdistan

Kurdistan Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci on 22 December welcomed a delegation from the Fiday International Organization and the Coexistence Association for Human and Environmental Protection.

Culture Committee completes final report on Turkmen National Days draft resolution

Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci on 22 December chaired the meeting of the Culture, Civil Society, Sports and Youth Committee to discuss the draft Resolution on Turkmen National Days. The meeting was attended by the KRG Minister of the Region for Components’ Affairs, Aydin Maruf Salim.

Speaker Dr. Rewas Faiq receives US Consul General Mr. Steven Fagin

The Speaker briefed Mr. Fagin on current Baghdad-Erbil relations and said, “Iraq is going through a critical stage, particularly with regards to who will become the new Prime Minister, and it has become a matter of debate among most political forces.”