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Parliament's administrative management meets with administration of Iraqi Council of Representatives in Baghdad

The Chief of the Diwan of Kurdistan Parliament, Mr. Ardalan Muhammad Sarspri, on 25 August headed a visit by Parliament’s administration to the Iraqi Council of Representatives in Baghdad, to share knowledge and experience. They met with Dr. Serwan Sereni, MP and Secretary General of Iraq’s Council of Representatives (ICOR).

The Diwan of the Kurdistan Parliament is the administrative body that oversees all the services needed to run the legislature, such as legislation records, the research centre, library, protocol, IT, media relations, building maintenance and so on.

The Kurdistan Parliament administration staff included Hiwa Nasruddin, Deputy Chief of the Diwan, heads of departments and several advisers. They had a meeting in the ICOR’s Constitution Hall with Dr. Sereni as well as the Deputy Secretary General and Director General of the ICOR.

Both Dr. Sereni and Mr. Sarspi called for more cooperation between the two administrative bodies, particularly in exchanging information and sharing institutional expertise and experience.

The Kurdistan Parliament administrative officials then visited all the general directorates of the ICOR, including protocol and administration, who explained their working methods and systems.