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Secretary Kahveci leads MPs in Duhok meetings to look into status of ethnic and religious communities

Kurdistan Parliament Secretary Muna Kahveci on 10 February led a delegation of MPs on a visit to Duhok, Sheikhan and Al-Kosh to look closely into the welfare of the original ethnic and religious communities, to understand their problems and strengthen relations between the Kurdistan Parliament and the communities.

The MPs were welcomed by Dr. Ali Tatar, the Governor of Duhok, and by the head and members of Duhok Provincial Council. They discussed the status of the components and promoting the peaceful coexistence that exists between all the ethnicities and religions in the Region.

They then visited the Chaldean, Armenian and Assyrian churches, listening closely to their problems.

The Parliament delegation visited the Centre for ISIS survivors and the Directorate of Migration, investigating the welrare of Yazidis who have survived ISIS’s crimes against them and are now living in IDP camps. They thanked the Barzani Charitable Foundation for helping refugees and IDPs through its practical humanitarian assistance.

On the same day, the MPs visited the Mayor of Sheikhan district to hear about the situation of the diverse communities. They met with the Yazidi leader Prince Mir Hazm Tahsin Bag, with both sides stressing the need to protect the coexistence between all communities in Kurdistan Region. The delegation then visited the Yazidi spiritual leader Baba Sheikh, and Al-Kosh district.