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Speaker Rewaz Faiq and MPs attend launch of book on role of Parliament in national issues

Kurdistan Parliament Speaker Dr. Rewaz Faiq on 1 September spoke at the launch of a book on the role of Parliament in national issues, written by former MP Salar Mahmoud.

Speaker Faiq commended the author Mr. Mahmoud for his work. She said, "Recording and writing about parliamentary work and efforts is important, becoming a source that benefits libraries and archives of parliamentary history.”

Speaker Faiq encouraged parliamentarians to follow Mr. Mahmoud’s example and said that Parliament’s Presidency will support the publication of such works.

Parliament’s Research Centre introduced the book by Mr. Mahmoud, who was a MP in the third and fourth terms of Parliament.

Mr. Mahmoud gave an overview of his book and asked current MPs to unite in the national interest without allowing their ideological differences to have a negative impact, and to work together on important issues.