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Women's Rights Committee's statement on International Day for the Elimination  of Violence Against Women and 16 Days of Activism

On the International Day for the Elimination  of Violence Against Women and start of the 16 days of activism, we must devote all our efforts to achieving a just and equal society by confronting violence and all the challenges every hour of every day, not only for these 16 days. We always condemn all forms of violence against women. Tragically some women are continually subjected to violence, and some are killed.

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women was established in 1999 by the United Nations to achieve justice and equal rights between women and women, and to achieve a healthy, progressive and stable society. Experience has proved that when women are not free, a nation will not progress or enjoy true, widespread stability.

With this aim, for the next 16 days of activism, stakeholders around the world will confront the crimes of violence against women with messages, projects and actions under this year’s message of “UNiTE! Activism to End Violence against Women & Girls”. Together, we will work for a world free from violence and full of peace and love.

In previous terms, the Kurdistan Parliament passed several good, modern laws and amended other laws that are important for developing a healthy society, especially the articles that pertain to women's rights in Kurdistan Region. In this important campaign to end violence, we renew our promise to the women of Kurdistan Region that through our parliamentary work and responsibilities, we will monitor and scrutinize the enforcement of legislation in these areas, and we will work to enact new laws and to amend any laws with a whiff of discrimination between women and men. Together, let’s stop violence against women and families, defend their rights and protect their dignity.

Even now, barriers to achieving women's rights are created and women’s rights issues are used to score political points and to serve personal political interests. Despite this, we promise to work with logic and calm and have objective discussions to remove these barriers. We will continue to advocate for women’s legitimate rights and to fight against all forms of violence that they face. We will not hesitate to fulfill our responsibility to defend the values that are ​​enshrined in human rights principles, in the holy religions and in Kurdistan’s own beliefs and culture.

Together, let’s Orange the World and work for a society full of peace and love and free from violence.

Women's Rights Committee

Kurdistan Parliament

25 November 2022